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How to use SMS to Launch a Product 

SMS marketing is a very flexible form of marketing which is very important today. People use their mobile devices continuously; many even taking them to bed with them. They eat with them and keep them by their side at all times. If you’re a marketer who hasn’t experimented with SMS marketing, you’re missing out. One great way to use SMS is to launch a new product. Just like with email marketing, customers opt in to receive your text messages. As you build your list, you will send the customer or potential customer messages to announce new products, send them to a new website, and more. It’s not unlike email marketing but the messages need to be shorter, more direct, always have a call to action, and offer a simple way to opt out in each message. Once you get through those issues, your message is as good as in the customer’s hands. 1. Build Your SMS List – Use every avenue at your disposal for building your SMS list. If you have a store front, ask for cell phone numbers at checkout, whether it’s an online store or a bricks and mortar store. 2. Tease Information out to the List – As you get new sign-ups, be sure to send them a test message and allow them to opt in or out, remind them where they signed up, and...

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SMS Marketing Ideas

There are many benefits to SMS marketing such as increased customer loyalty, wider brand awareness, improved customer relationships, better sales, and the fact that as far as marketing is concerned it’s an inexpensive marketing method. To get started with SMS marketing, you’ll want to get people to sign up. You can use all of the following ways to get people to do that: 1. Signage – If you have a bricks and mortar business, simply ask people to sign up, or put up a QR code that they can scan with their phone. 2. Radio – Yes, radio ads still work, and you can make it short and sweet by asking them to text you at a specific number that will opt them into your SMS list. 3. Billboards – You won’t need that many letters on a billboard to get your audience to view it and text you to get on your list. 4. Email Messages – Already have an email list? Send out a message with a free offer that requires them to provide their mobile number. 5. Website Sign-Up Forms – Ask for mobile information on your web sign-up forms. 6. Social Media Sign-Up Forms – Ask for mobile numbers on your social media sign-up forms, along with email addresses. 7. Newsletters – Do you send out email or paper newsletters? Use the distribution to get...

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Tips for Recruiting Speakers for Your Webinar

The best way to host a webinar is to recruit speakers for it that have something to say to your audience that will resonate with them. They could be movers and shakers in your industry, they might be others with whom you work often, or they might even be people within your audience who have a great story. There is no one way to get speakers for your event, but there are ways in which you can make your event seem like the best one for the speakers. Choose the Topic in Advance Before even thinking about inviting speakers...

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Tips for Marketing Your Seminar

Once you decide to have an online seminar, you will need to market it to make it successful. If you want anyone to come, you have to tell people about it. And of course the more people you tell, the more people who will sign up and come to your online seminar. Blog about Your Seminar Don’t keep the seminar a secret until it’s time to have it. Instead, starting about six weeks before the seminar, start talking about it on your blog. Build buzz by hinting about the entire event from start to finish. You can talk about...

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How to Double Your Seminar Attendance

Having an online seminar is a great way to market and grow your business. But, if no one shows up it can be pretty worthless. Sure you can record it and share it with others later, but in reality you want as many people to show up as possible. The following tips will ensure that you double your seminar attendance easily. Pick the Right Topic You must really know your audience well to know what type of information they’d like to hear in online seminar format. Understand your audience’s needs, and select a topic that is an overview and...

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Simple Ways to Increase Your Seminar’s Value

Offering your audience an important online seminar on a topic of interest to them will grow your business in ways that you may not have considered. But, it’s not just about having a seminar; it’s about giving your audience a seminar that they won’t soon forget, and then remembering that it’s not over just because the seminar is over. Invite Popular Guest Speakers You can increase the value of your seminar immediately by inviting the right guest speakers. You want guest speakers who are popular to your niche, but who don’t compete directly with you by selling the same...

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Tips to Create Subscriber-Friendly Content

Many times people subscribe to a mailing list and then immediately unsubscribe. Why do they do that? They do it for a variety of reasons – from not feeling like the content was directed toward them, to feeling like they get too many emails, or worse because they forgot they ever signed up due to the lack of emails and so many other emails. These nine tips will help you avoid all these situations. Really Know Your Subscribers Before you attempt to get one subscriber, ensure that you’re attracting the right people to your email list. Having just anyone...

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Narrow Your Focus to Broaden Your Sales

One of the biggest mistakes a small business owner can make is to cast too wide a net when it comes to who they will serve and the products and services they offer. It might seem counter-intuitive to narrow your focus to make more sales, but when you have a small business it’s the best way to earn more money with less effort. There is always someone out there who is able to charge less money. In that case, don’t compete on price. Instead, narrow your niche and compete on specialization. Show your market how special your product or...

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How to Find Your Peers Online and Offline to Get Advice

The best people to get advice from happen to be your peers. But sometimes, especially if you work from home, it can be difficult to locate the right people if you don’t know where to start. Thankfully the best place to start is right on your computer. 1. – This is a website that specializes in helping you organize or find like-minded people locally with whom to associate. Start by setting up a targeted profile. Once you’re done with your profile, do a search on groups that you might want to join using keywords that fit your niche....

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How an Affiliate Program Can Springboard Your Sales

Marketing your products and services alone can become expensive and overwhelming, but with some products and even services you can create an affiliate program that will springboard your sales to the next level. First, if you’re not sure yet what an affiliate program is – essentially you attract people who want to earn money within your niche promoting your products and/or services to their audience for a percentage of sales. For internet marketers, this process is typically run using affiliate management software such as JVZoo, aMember, 1shoppingcart, ClickBank, eJunkie, or the multitude of others depending on your products, goals...

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Tips for Publishing Your First Magazine

Before you publish your first digital magazine it’s important to understand what’s important about publishing a magazine. You can increase your audience, give more to your current audience, and find a new income stream via either subscriptions of the magazine or advertising revenue. Here are eight tips to get you started. 1. Start with Building a Potential Subscriber’s List Before you consider producing a digital magazine it’s important that you have people who want the magazine. Start with building a mailing list or two using the categories that you plan to cover in the magazine to attract the subscribers....

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What to Do and Things to Consider before Publishing

When you decide to publish a digital magazine it’s important to do your due diligence about what’s involved before you spend the time and money doing it. It can take a lot of resources, time and effort to produce a digital magazine – almost as much as it takes to produce a paper magazine. Therefore, it’s important to study what it takes to create a professional-level magazine that your audience will enjoy. 1. Survey Your Audience What does your audience want to see in a magazine you publish? Ask them. Use your email list to send out a questionnaire...

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