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Multiple Niches and Products

You have your choice of products to promote from HomeFreeMedia’s family of websites.

There are one-time purchases and recurring membership products available to choose from. There are bound to be items just perfect for your list!

50% Commission

There are two ways to promote – through ThriveCart or through JVZoo.

When you sign up through my ThriveCart, you receive your commission instantly through Paypal. All ThriveCart affiliates must have a Paypal account to be compensated.

The button link below will sign you up for one of my PLR SuperPacks. Once you’re in, you automatically get links for everything on ThriveCart.

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When you sign up through JVZoo, you will be on delayed commission, unless JVZoo considers you to be a superaffiliate, in which case, you will be paid instantly. I pay out JVZoo commissions as soon as I am aware of them.

Find Me at JVZoo .

No Refunds

There are no refunds available on any of my products. This is to protect me, and also to protect my affiliates. Everyone who buys through ThriveCart checks a box to acknowledge that there are no refunds available on downloadable products.

That said, I will work to accommodate any customer with a legitimate request.

As a long time Paypal vendor, I have established a good reputation both for delivering products and dealing with customer issues.

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Norma Esler

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