InstructorNorma Esler
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Make Every Minute Count Productivity Course

Working on your online businesses is fun, but you also have a life. While it takes a lot of time and dedication to start and grow a business, there are things you can do to make sure there’s plenty of time left for chores around the house, family and fun.

The best way to have both a successful business and a lot of spare time is to make every minute at the desk count. That’s what this short course is all about.

We’ll walk through planning, getting the work done and then checking what’s working and what isn’t. Along the way there will be plenty of tips and action items. Grab a notebook and pen, get comfortable and let’s figure out how you can make every minute count in your work day!

Section 1Plot Your Course
Lecture 1Plan Your Work
Section 2Take Action
Lecture 2Write Your To-Do List
Lecture 3Show Me the Money
Lecture 4Create Routines for Yourself
Section 3Check Your Progress
Lecture 5Track Your Results
Lecture 6Tweak Your Process for Best Results
Lecture 7Test Your Sales Copy
Lecture 8Test Your Opt-Ins
Lecture 9Tweak Your Email Content
Section 4Perfect Your Content
Lecture 10Make Your Website Content More Appealing
Lecture 11Good SEO Attracts Readers
Lecture 12Make Your Content Easy to Share
Lecture 13Have a Clear Call to Action
Section 5Keep the Ball Rolling
Lecture 14Rinse and Repeat