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Let’s Pickle Up: Simple and Quick Preserving, Fermenting, and Canning Recipes All in One! (Stockpile Pantry Recipes)

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    Are you upset by the thought that the season of your favorite food is passing? Do you want to enjoy that food throughout the year? Or Are you troubled by the excess of food in your house?

    Don’t know what to do? Oh, do not nod your head like that, you do know about your next step to eliminate all these worries. You have the solution to all these problems in your hand.

    Yes, pickling and preserving will let you relish all the delicious and appetizing flavors whenever you desire. Now you could enjoy the tasty taste of mango, delicious strawberries, inviting juicy tomatoes and what not by this simple method.

    There is no doubt that this technique is very easy and fun to carry out. This book will not only help you to conserve your food but also tell you about some simple and yummy recipes that are made by pickling and fermenting the foods. You will have a chance to try some new recipes that will not only add into your cooking menu but once you learn the spirit of preserving, I am sure you’ll find them much easier and enjoyable to make.

    In this book, you will learn:

    • Preserving is fun

    • Veggie pickling

    • Fruiti pickles

    • Pickling seafood

    • Tips while pickling

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