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InSassy (TM) Garden Kneeler Wave Pad – High Density Foam for Best Knee Protection (Green)

InSassy (TM) Kneeler Wave Pad InSassy (TM) Kneeler Wave Pad will provide you the best comfort when you are Gardening. It is lightweight yet durable and large enough your legs and knees. This is why the InSassy (TM) Garden Kneeler Wave Pad is the best selling kneeler on the market today! Check out these awesome features of our custom designed kneeler. – Made from High Density Foam over 4/5 inch thick that provides firm support yet soft and flexible enough for your knees. – Exact Dimension of this Kneeler Wave Pad is 8 1/4″ x 18″ x 4/5″ which is the largest in the market today. – Built-in handle slot which makes it a breeze to carry around while you are gardening.

Vertical Gardening: Grow Up, Not Out, for More Vegetables and Flowers in Much Less Space

The biggest mistake gardeners make each season is starting out too big and then quickly realizing
their large plot requires too much weeding, watering, and backbreaking labor. Vertical gardening guarantees a better outcome from the day the trowel hits the soil―by shrinking the amount of “floor” space needed and focusing on climbing plants that are less prone to insects, diseases, and animal pests.

Notable author and gardener Derek Fell has tried and tested thousands of varieties of vegetables,
flowers, and fruits and recommends the best plants for space-saving vertical gardening. His grow-up,
grow-down system also shows which ground-level plants make good companions underneath and alongside climbing plants. Best of all, many of Fell’s greatest climbers and mutually beneficial plants are available in seed packets in every local garden center.

With a mix of DIY and commercially available string supports, trellises, pergolas, raised beds, skyscraper gardens, and topsy-turvy planters, the vertical garden system reduces work, increases yields, makes harvesting easier, and can be practiced in spaces as small as a container or a one-by-four-foot strip. Vertical Gardening features 100 color photos of the author’s own vertical methods and showcases beautiful, troublefree perennials, shrubs, vegetables, annuals, and fruit perfect for this new, rewarding way to garden.

Picnic Pack 9-Piece Gardening Tool Kit with Foldaway Stool with Backrest and Detachable Tote

Calling All Green Thumbs ! Professional Quality Makes Gardening Fun Again ! The 9-piece gardening tool kit with tote includes 1 DIGGER , 1 FORFEX , 1 RAKE , 1 TRANSPLANTER , 1 TROWEL , 1 WEEDING FORK , 1-PAIR COTTON GLOVES , 1 MINI SPRAYER , 1PC 50-METER BIND LINE FOR FENSE PLUS DETACHABLE TOTE / BAG . Put the joy and comfort back in gardening . Fabulous complete 9-piece kit has everything you need to make garden thrive . FOLDABLE stool complete with BACKREST also holds all the basic garden tools (included) to cultivate a showcase yard or garden .

Gardening 101: Friendship Gardens

At Friendship Gardens, we believe everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food and the knowledge to grow it themselves

Friendship Gardens is a nonprofit project teaching gardening and growing food for Friendship Trays, Charlotte’s meals on wheels program. This ebook is our ‘Gardening 101’ guide designed to help gardeners grow more food.

In this book you will learn organic and sustainable growing practices on a range of gardening topics: Garden bed preparations, soil life, spring gardening, summer gardening, fall gardening, watering, composting, planting, and more. This book has great general gardening information that will be helpful to any gardener new or experiences, and it includes some specific information about gardening in our climate and clay heavy soil here in the Piedmont region of North Carolina.

If you are ready to start growing some of your own food, this book can help

For more information on Friendship Gardens please visit our website

Apollo Precision Tools DT3790P 7-Piece Garden Kit, Pink

A gardener’s delight with this Pink 7-Piece Garden Tool Kit from Apollo Precision Tools. Make gardening more comfortable using the right tools for every task. The apron protects your clothing while keeping your tools together. The hand tools are comfortable and great for digging, planting bulbs, weeding and pruning. The kit includes: 12″ narrow trowel, 12″ trowel , 12″ rake, 16″ x 8″ knee pad, 8″ pruning shears, apron, gloves. Plus, 1 dollar from each purchase is used to help fund breast cancer awareness initiatives. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime by funding clinical and translational research worldwide.

5-piece Garden Tool Set with Tote and Folding Seat

This is a folding seat and detachable storage tote all-in-one. The storage tote has easily accessible zippered openings, and it conveniently holds five metal garden tools on the exterior of the tote.

Folding seat and detachable storage tote all-in-one
Materials: Polyester, metal, leather
Storage tote has zippered opening.
Conveniently holds five metal garden tools
Lightweight and portable
Sturdy steel frame
Tool pockets on the exterior of the storage tote make them readily accessible when sitting in the seat
Storage tote fully detaches from the bag for versatility
Includes: One (1) detachable polyester storage tote, five (5) metal garden tools (large trowel, small trowel, garden fork, rake and weeder).
Makes a perfect gift for those who love spending time in their garden.

Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide: 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow, and Use

Craft a soothing aloe lotion after an encounter with poison ivy, make a dandelion-burdock tincture to fix sluggish digestion, and brew up some lavender-lemon balm tea to ease a stressful day. In this introductory guide, Rosemary Gladstar shows you how easy it can be to make your own herbal remedies for life’s common ailments. Gladstar profiles 33 common healing plants and includes advice on growing, harvesting, preparing, and using herbs in healing tinctures, oils, and creams. Stock your medicine cabinet full of all-natural, low-cost herbal preparations.