60 Ways to Boost your Website Traffic in Just One Hour a Day

60 Ways to Boost your Website Traffic in Just One Hour a Day

Even if all you have is one hour a day, you can do a lot to increase traffic to your website. The best way to get more traffic to your website quickly is to add more targeted content, promote that content, and keep repeating that.

Many things on this list will not even take you an hour. If you start at the top of the list and work your way down the list over a day or two, spending one hour each day, you can dramatically increase your website traffic.

1. Add “alt” tags to images on your website

2. Add a plugin like Inline Tweet Sharer
Link – https://wordpress.org/plugins/inline-tweet-sharer/

3. Add an online forum

4. Add deep links to more content on blog posts

5. Add links to your website to all autoresponder series

6. Add one email to your autoresponder series

7. Add one resource to your website

8. Add to the FAQ on your website

9. Add Your blog to iTunes and Amazon

10. Answer comments on your blog

11. Ask for shares, tweets and likes

12. Build a sitemap

13. Comment on other people’s blog posts

14. Create and run a Facebook advertisement

15. Create a cheat sheet for your audience to use

16. Create a Gravatar account
Link – https://en.gravatar.com/

17. Create a poll on Facebook

18. Create a SlideShow.net out of an old blog post

19. Create and send out a press release

20. Create your own blogging network

21. Curate other people’s content on a topic of interest

22. Curate someone else’s content surrounding one topic

23. Develop a blog tour

24. Ensure that your site is responsive

25. Highlight and organize old blog posts surrounding a particular topic

26. Host a teleseminar

27. Host a webinar

28. Improve META descriptions on your website

29. Interview a client or customer

30. Interview an important person in your niche

31. Join a syndication network

32. Offer a free eBook to your audience

33. Open up comments on your blog

34. Organize a targeted pin board on Pinterest

35. Participate in online forums

36. Personalize your 404 error page

37. Promote your content on social media

38. Publish your RSS feed

39. Send out a breaking news story

40. Send out a newsletter

41. Share influencers’ content with your audience

42. Share, tweet, like

43. Start a sponsored content feed on LinkedIn

44. Start an expert panel series

45. Submit a guest blog post for publication

46. Tie a holiday into your promotions

47. Transcribe interviews to text

48. Turn a fact-based data driven blog post into an infographic

49. Turn an old blog post into a short video

50. Update an old blog post with new information

51. Update any social media site profile

52. Update images on your website

53. Update your Facebook page profile

54. Update your Google Plus profile

55. Update your Pinterest profile

56. Update your profile on LinkedIn

57. Use Canva.com to grab a quote to share on social media

58. Use screenshots to make a how to guide

59. Write and publish a new blog post on your website

60. Write one page of your next book

When it comes down to it, you will need to promote and distribute all the content that you create in order to make the most of it. Getting more traffic to your website is as easy as increasing the amount of content that you produce, as well as the amount of promoting that you do for that content. Create, distribute, promote and repeat should be your mantra.

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