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    Inspiration for Your Best Year Yet

    Have you ever found yourself in an endless loop of always setting the same goals and resolutions and never getting anywhere? You know that you need to be writing down your goals and tracking them. You know that there are things that you need to…

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    Surround Yourself with Positives

    Most of us have a lot of stress in our lives. Some of it is due to the fast-paced society that we live in and some of it is self-inflicted due to who we choose to spend our time with. The fact is, misery loves…

  • How to Get Out of Your Own Way

    How to Get Out of Your Own Way

    If you’re having trouble finding the success that you desire, there’s a strong probability that self-sabotage could be holding you back. There are many reasons why people sabotage themselves and prevent themselves from experiencing success – but instead of focusing on those reasons, how about…

  • good to great book review

    Book Review – Good to Great by Jim Collins

    A Message from Norma... In case you're curious, I started working online in 1997 - in the dinosaur days of the internet. My purpose here at HomeFreeMedia is to help YOU build the business of your dreams by developing and recommending top quality products and…

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    Are You Managing Your Time or Is It Managing You?

    It’s amazing how much some people manage to get done, while others seem to be stuck in a rut without enough time in the day to accomplish much of anything. But, here’s the secret. Everyone has the same amount of time in every single day.…

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    Put On Your Boots and Get Things Done!

    A great motivation for gardening season or any time! As a thank you to my readers here at HomeFreeMedia, I am giving away these free motivational wallpapers for your desktop. Opportunity is all about being ready. Sometimes just taking the first small step toward your…