Click Triggers Nine Ways to Get More Click Throughs

Click Triggers: Nine Ways to Get More Click Throughs

The days of just “buy now” buttons are over. Now you have an entire audience that is more savvy, more educated, and has their BS meters up to full power. In order to get people from reading to buying, you’re going to have to understand what makes them click. This means you’re going to need to study your audience more and deeper than ever before. Here’s how.

Hook Them with Headlines

Before anyone clicks to buy, they’re going to have to click through to read your sales copy. The headline is arguably the most important aspect of your copywriting efforts. Without clicks here, you will not get clicks elsewhere. What kind of headlines work best for your audience? The only way to know is to test different headlines to find out what works.

Laser Target Your Copy

You can’t please everyone and you already know that you need to niche down your audience. But, did you know that you should write copy based on who are the active participants in your audience pool? If you write your copy directly to them, your click rate will go up.

Saving Time

If you can show them that your product saves them time in some way, they’re more likely to want to click. But, is your audience interested in saving time? Do you know?

Saving Money

Another click trigger is the idea of saving money. Do you know if your audience is interested in saving money? Don’t assume that they are. Know by testing and asking.


If near your “Get my free trial” button you place some extra words like “You will learn how to read 20 percent faster,” that is adding a click trigger that might encourage them to click.


Next to your buy buttons you should also make a guarantee such as “No Risk Money Back”. People like it if they have no risk and can try something out without worry.


Provide them with a fact near the buy button, such as: “Used by over 10,000 successful entrepreneurs.” Then watch the clicks go up.

Larger Buttons

If you’re not getting the clicks you want, try making larger buttons. The good thing about larger buttons is that you can stop putting “buy now” on your buttons and spell out what they will get.

It’s about Them Not You

Stop using the words “us, “we” and “I” in your copy. Stick with using the word “you” and making it about them, and you’ll get more response.

To find out what works best for your particular audience, do A/B and even A/B/C testing to find out what makes them click. Once you learn what gets your audience active, you’ll know exactly what click triggers to use to make them click.

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