Free Demo Planting Calculator at Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens

For those of you who are starting to plan your gardens, Sarah Hemingway of Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens is offering a free demo of her Planting Calculator on her website.

This is an amazing little app that does all the thinking for you, whether you are starting seeds indoors, in a cold frame, or directly in the garden. It even tells you when to transplant your seedlings, if necessary.

The planner also lists estimated harvest times and recommendations for succession planting, with the full version providing information for over 70 garden herbs and vegetables!

All you need to do is look up the last and first frost dates in your area (Sarah provides a convenient link for this on the order page), and type them into the blue boxes as indicated. Easy!

If you like the demo version then it is a no-brainer to buy the full version. It is definitely priced to sell at only $4.99! When you buy your SKG Planting Calculator, you receive your download link by email.

Save yourself the headache of figuring out when to plant with Sarah’s convenient Planting Calculator at Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens.

Note: I do not receive any compensation for the promotion of this product, other than the joy of making life easier for my gardening friends!

Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens Planting Calculator shows estimated planting and harvest times in YOUR AREA for over 70 garden herbs and vegetables!

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