HomeFreePLR SuperPacks

What is a HomeFreePLR SuperPack?

Your HomeFreePLR SuperPack Provides you with super easy, copy and paste, pre-formatted WordPress posts featuring:

  • 10 Articles
  • 10 Linked Videos
  • Featured/Header and Social Images
  • Fully Coded Compilation eBook to sell at $7
  • Copy and Paste Simplicity!

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HomeFreePLR makes it easy for you to use and profit from your PLR!

With HomeFreePLR SuperPages, I have worked hard to provide you with the easiest way possible to set up and monetize your PLR. No more excuses! No more hoarding PLR and never getting around to branding and monetizing.

I host your videos, images, eBook, sales page, and shopping cart. Just copy and paste your pre-formatted content, add your affiliate ID, and you’re ready to go. You also receive the components to build the page yourself, if you wish.

No need to make a sales page, etc. All that is done for you! Each blog post has a video – to help boost your Google juice – and a compilation eBook – to monetize your post – coded right into the page. Every article contains a clear call to action for your reader to buy.

Your page will include a Video and eBook Promotion!


Just register with me* and then edit your affiliate link on the page. You’ll quickly be set up and earning 90% of the profit from each $7 eBook sale. The remaining 10% goes to cover my Paypal processing fees. You must have a Paypal account for instant payment.

You still have the option of editing your page however you see fit. You also have raw text files to edit and/or brand the content as you wish.

But this is definitely the fastest, easiest way to get your content up and potentially earning money. Don’t let your PLR languish on your hard drive! Get set up quickly with the done-for-you WordPress pages and eBooks from HomeFreePLR SuperPages!

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*Ebook commissions are paid through ThriveCart. It’s free to sign up to be my affiliate and start earning an easy 90% on all your ebook sales.