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Your business needs content. Articles. Promotional Ebooks. Podcasts. Videos. Your business runs on information, no matter what the format. Creating all that content is hard work! HomeFreePLR can help.

HomeFreePLR (Private Label Rights) Content comes with a special licence that allows you to use the content as if you had created it yourself.

“What can I do with PLR content from HomeFreePLR?”

You can use it for posts or articles on your site, you can add it to the emails you send to your readers, or you can turn your PLR into an ebook to sell. You can even use it to produce videos for your YouTube channel and audio for your podcast.

articles plr
When you buy Articles, or other PLR content, from HomeFreePLR, YOU have the rights to use your purchased materials as YOUR content on YOUR website in any way you want. (Exception: You may NOT transfer Private Label Rights to others.)
ecourses plr
Some of our contect is already packaged as ready made eCourses that you can easily deliver to your readers by email, if you choose.
ebooks plr
Do you need eBooks to resell or offer to your visitors as an opt-in? Look no further! You can even break your ebook into separate blog posts.


“What are Private Label Rights (PLR)?”

Norma Esler

Private label rights (PLR) products are written articles, reports, videos, and other content that you can buy the right to use, sell and even brand as your own. Other people buy it, too, and can also use it, which makes the concept of PLR somewhat similar to syndication.

Private Label Rights products provide you with a wide-open invitation to build an information product business from the ground up. Information products are usually in the form of eBooks, infographics, slideshows, and even video. They provide you with the opportunity to teach your readers what they need to know in an ever expanding number of categories.

Free yourself from the pressure of continually needing to create content for your blog posts, autoresponders, lead magnets, and trainings. Learning how to use PLR can be the best thing to happen to your business!

Check out my HomeFreePLR Shop and see what’s available in your niche!

Norma Esler