How to Build Trust with Potential Buyers

How to Build Trust with Potential Buyers

Seth Godin stated, in an interview with Robert Bruce on Internet Marketing for Smart People Radio from CopyBlogger, that “marketers need to tell a story that resonates with your audience then spreads.” Not only that, he stated that the story needs to be true.

He went on further to talk about how the job of the marketer is to get attention from their audience. Due to the scarcity of attention, you’ll need to work harder to earn it. Due to the past era, as marketers we also don’t get attention or trust without earning it.

He also said that “the internet builds connections”. Once a connection is made, it’s up to the marketer to capitalize on that connection and earn the trust necessary to make a sale. Today, one mistake on the internet could mean doom for a company. Everything is “out there” forever. If your story turns out to be false, if the promises you make are false, if your product isn’t at least average, you won’t be successful. But, before you even get a chance to be successful you need to make connections, earn attention, and develop trust.

Making Connections

Obviously, you need to use social media as a way to get to know your audience. Make connections with them where they are, be it LinkedIn or Pinterest. Perhaps they’re on a forum that you know about – if so, join that forum and participate. Invite comments to your blog, call out movers and shakers and make the connection. Encourage them to sign up for your newsletter or email list.

Earning Attention

Once you’ve made a connection and someone has signed up for your newsletter, or subscribed to your blog, or followed you on social media, now is the time when you earn their attention. You cannot force them to pay attention. You’re competing with a lot of “noise” as Mr. Seth Godin says in the interview. You’ve got to differentiate yourself from the rest and earn and keep the attention of your audience by telling a compelling and true story.

Developing Trust

As you make connections, earn attention, and tell your story, your audience will start to develop trust in you. It won’t happen overnight because these things take time. But you can speed along the process by being in many different places where your audience is, and by being true to your values, goals, and niche. Over time, when you do what you say you will do, word will get out, and you will have finally developed enough trust to start getting buyers.

Building trust is an ongoing process that will never end as long as you’re in business. As long as you understand that and create marketing strategies that get that, using tactics that reflect that knowledge, you will differentiate yourself from the others and make more sales than you ever thought possible.

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