How to Create Simple Living Routines

Simple living is beneficial in many ways. It can reduce stress, improve health, and bring quality to our relationships. Being free from the burdens of a complicated life allows room to relax, enjoy the priorities in our lives, and not waste time on activities that do not further us personally. How can you change from a busy, stressful life to one of simple living? Creating simple living routines is a great step towards removing the clutter in our lives.

Remove Unnecessary Activities

Before you try to create a simple routine in your life, it is necessary to remove the extras that are keeping you in the rat race. When you have too many things going on, attempting to add routine will only increase your stress. If you want to create a beautiful, simple life, a good first step is pruning activities, obligations, and other things that don’t belong there in the first place.


Think about what you wish to spend your time on daily. Make a list of things you feel would benefit the lives of you and your family the very most. Perhaps you wish to establish regular waking times to your life, which can be a great health benefit. Maybe you desire to incorporate healthy, balanced meals that can be easily prepared into each day. Decide what will most enrich your life and make those your priority.

Add One Thing at a Time

Begin with your first priority and add it first, instead of trying to throw in everything at once. If you want your day to run smoothly and simply, you might start by waking at a certain time each day, or having a consistent bedtime. You might then add a simple routine to one of those, such as a candlelit bubble bath and a half hour of reading before bed.

After you have been doing this regularly for one week or so, pick something else from your list and try it. Perhaps planning a week’s worth of meals, and grocery shopping on a certain day will enable you to be organized and avoid running to the store for afterthoughts on a daily basis. Keep this up, one step at a time, and you will soon find yourself in an enjoyable, predictable routine.

Personalize It

No person or family will have the same routine as another. There are things that are of universal importance to our state of health, such as daily exercise. But the details of what this looks like to you could be vastly different from anyone else.

For example, your family may love walking together or playing baseball in a nearby field. Maybe you have a trampoline that everyone spends time on daily. Decide on what your goal is, such as health and physical fitness, and plan time for it accordingly. Create the opportunities that will enable you and your family to reach your goals without adding stress to your lives.

When you strive for a simple life, there are steps that can help you get there. Prioritize and create goals in order to reach for the stress-free existence you desire. Making a few small changes can go a long way in creating the lifestyle you are hoping for. Create some simple living routines today and see what a difference it makes in every area of your life.

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