How to Double Your Seminar Attendance

How to Double Your Seminar Attendance

Having an online seminar is a great way to market and grow your business. But, if no one shows up it can be pretty worthless. Sure you can record it and share it with others later, but in reality you want as many people to show up as possible. The following tips will ensure that you double your seminar attendance easily.

Pick the Right Topic

You must really know your audience well to know what type of information they’d like to hear in online seminar format. Understand your audience’s needs, and select a topic that is an overview and not too niched down so that you can be open to more attendees. Broader topics work best when it comes to getting more members to view your seminar.

Set Achievable Goals

You should know up front how many people you want to attend your online seminar to ensure that it is a success. If you have a specific goal, then you’ll work harder each day promoting the seminar to ensure that enough people show up. If you’re new to seminars and new to online business, you may want to set your goal lower the first time until you establish yourself. Once you’re already established and you have a good following online, you can set your goal higher.

Get Help

Affiliates are a great way to ensure that you get plenty of attendees to your online seminar. Even if you offer a free seminar, you might consider paying your affiliates a straight dollar amount for each person who attends your event. Even one dollar spent this way will help increase turn-out to your online seminar.

Offer Free Gifts

Everyone who attends the live event should get something special such as a free gift of some kind. It might be your eBook, or even a certificate of attendance – and if you can afford it, offer them a gift certificate to a free cup of coffee, or a discount coupon off personalized coaching. Offer something to your attendees that gets them excited. You can even give the gifts out randomly during the event as prizes for those who are online live at your seminar.

Partner Up

Form a short-term joint venture with others who market to your audience but who are not direct competitors. Make it a requirement that anyone who speaks at your seminar share the news with their email list, social media accounts and more during the promotion phase of the event. Make it easy for them by providing copy they can use to promote the event to their audience.

Time It Right

Finally, it’s important that you choose the right time of day to host your online seminar. You’ll need to find out from your audience what their best times of day are. In the teasing about the seminar you can even poll the audience to find out when they can attend. Lunchtime seminars seem to do very well for most audiences.

Doubling your seminar turn-out is possible if you put these tips into practice.

How to Double Your Seminar Attendance

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