make emailing easy

How to Make Emailing Easy

The Hard Truth about Biz Life

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? There is one undeniable truth about building your own business. It takes two kinds of people to make a business work.

A Seller.

And a Buyer.


Many of us are uncomfortable with the idea of selling. I get it! I include myself in that crowd. In fact, fixing your money mindset is the topic of one of my signature courses: Fix Your Money Mindset.

But, as you’ll learn if you take the course, selling doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as easy as emailing a friend.

Email Can Be Easy

Email is so effective as a selling tool, that many great software providers have developed awesome products to make it easier for you, the entrepreneur and hero of this story, to reach out to your potential clients on a regular basis to offer them the products, tools, and training they need for success no matter what niche you’re operating in.

One of these awesome tools is AWeber. They have been expediting emails for online marketers since 1998, and are one of the best out there.

I have used several different products of this sort since coming online in 1997 (Yup. For real…), and AWeber offers consistent quality and all the bells and whistles you’ll ever need.

Want a peek under the hood?

Here are some videos showing how you can use the great features in AWeber.

How to Make a Landing Page in AWeber:

How to Use AWeber to Deliver Your eCourse:

This gives you an idea of the possibilities. They even offer a free tier for those just starting out. If you’re in the market, check out AWeber here!

I’m cheering for you,

Norma Esler

A Message from Norma...

In case you're curious, I started working online in 1997 - in the dinosaur days of the internet. My purpose here at HomeFreeMedia is to help YOU build the business of your dreams by developing and recommending top quality products and tools. This will also result in profit and affiliate commissions for me, so we both win!
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