Inspiring Hope

A Collaborative Invitation to Celebrate Our Hope for the Future


As your hostess, I want to welcome you! Relax and browse through the collection of articles, offers, and giveaways on this page. Yes, there are free items and things to buy. Part of Inspiring Hope is supporting one another to keep our businesses moving forward.

I’ve invited my amazing and talented friends to contribute something here that will inspire you and bring you hope. Each item has been carefully curated to uplift and encourage you. Enjoy!


Shining Through Their Struggles

Free downloadable ebook. Thirty Amazing Women share their stories of what they’ve overcome in life and business.

Provided by Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity.

Inspirational Graphics Hope 50 Pack
Inspirational Graphics Hope 50 Pack

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Sailing through the Storm

In its online course, the U.S. Sailing Association states the obvious: “The best tactic to deal with heavy weather is to avoid it.” But there are techniques for dealing with unexpected storms. Click the button below to read more of this inspirational article about how to keep sailing through the storms of life.

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Of Hospitals and Housekeepers: A Tribute to Healthcare Workers

As we’ve been spending time lately honoring and praying for the healthcare workers on the front lines against the coronavirus, I’ve been thinking about the members of my own family who were involved in healthcare in some way. Click the button to read more.

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Overcoming Loneliness Amidst Social Distancing

“Man is by nature, a social animal.” We attribute this notion to Aristotle, who taught that humans crave social interaction. Click the button to read more.

Brought to you by Connie Ragen Green

Risk: A Poem on Taking Chances for Growth

“Do not be afraid to shine. This world needs what you have to give.” Click the button to read more. Visit Fran at

Brought to you by Fran Watson

Because He Lives

I was asked for Easter Sunday to provide a short video finishing the sentence “Because He lives …” and this video is my response to that request. – Carol Click the button to watch the video. Visit Carol at

Brought to you by Carol Bremner

Do You Have A Worry Personality?

“Worrying is meditating on the things that can go wrong” – Shirley Click the button to read more.

Brought to you by Health Coach Shirley Noah

How to Sell Yourself and Your Stuff

Give your biz a boost! Learn how to build your reputation and grow your business with this low-cost training from Connie Ragen Green.

Brought to you by Connie Ragen Green

Overnight VA Success Story

“Overnight VA Success Story is my ORIGINAL story of success on how I started my VA business. I think there are a LOT of people who have skills and are looking for new ideas on making money. If that’s you, this can help you make a switch from thinking you need to spend MONTHS getting ready to realizing you have everything you need to make money right now.” – Angela

Brought to you by Angela Wills of Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity

7 Helpful Hints on How to Cultivate Optimism

You might be surprised to hear that optimism is not an innate quality. Optimism and pessimism are ways of looking at yourself and the world through a positive or negative filter. Once you think of them as reflections of your mindset, it becomes much easier to believe you can change. Click the button below to read more.

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No-Bull Passive Income: 3 Must-Haves For Making Money While You Sleep

“Yes, you can make money while you sleep. I do it every single day. No, it’s not spammy, or unethical, or underhanded. I’m helping my followers find resources they want and need to grow their businesses.” – Cindy Click the button below to read more.

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Above The Clouds The Sun Is Still Shining

“Yesterday I was sitting at the kitchen table, writing and looking out the window at the lake and the sky. It was a cloudy day, threatening heavy rain. The wind was blowing wildly. I could still see a tiny piece of blue sky,…” Click the button below to read more.

Brought to you by Fran Watson

free ecourse
Stick to It: 10 Fast Hacks to Help You Reach Your Goals

Having trouble staying on track? Take this Free eCourse! Sign up today and find out how to identify and beat those obstacles that have been holding you back. Click the button below to read more.

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