Is Your Website Ready for Your Readers?

The worst business decision you can ever make is to roll out a huge grand opening without being ready. It’s like planning your wedding without a groom. It’s like having a baby shower before announcing the pregnancy. It’s just not done. Well, at least it should not be. If you want to really impress your readers, take the time to ensure that your website is ready for them.

Responsive and User Friendly Web Design

A site that is easy to search and browse will win points immediately. People don’t want to click around and get confused about how to buy something or wonder exactly what they’re supposed to do on the site. Don’t make it harder than necessary for your site visitors to consume your content, and act on your calls to action.

Contact Information Updated (and Easy to Find)

Ensure that your content information, or an obvious link to it, is on every page of your website. You want to make it very easy for your site visitors to contact you when they need to. There is no point in hiding this information. In fact, it’s downright bad for business if you do. Most people look at both the top of the website and the bottom in the footer for contact information. Don’t try to be clever; call it Contact Me or Contact Us. Then provide multiple ways to be contacted.

Noticeable Social Proof

Social proof is what makes your site look trustworthy at first glance. If other people have liked your site and content, and if they can easily get to your social media pages from your website, they’re going to be more likely to trust you. It’s just a fact of human nature – the more people who “like” you or “follow” you, the more others will want to.

A Standout CTA with Clear Intentions

So many websites are missing out on multiple opportunities to place their call to action. They are also not being clear with their intentions to their site visitors. People are really savvy today. They know you’re trying to earn money. No need to hide that fact. No need to look like a stereotypical used car salesman either. The size, wording, and even the color of your CTA can make a huge impact on your audience.

Test Everything

Nothing is worse than rolling out a new product or service and finding out that the website doesn’t work. When you launch, everything should work. Look at the bad rap that Health Care Reform got when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) website crashed and people could not sign up for insurance. It was a travesty that should not have happened. Agree or not agree with ACA, the website should have worked. It should have been tested. Do a better job and test every single aspect of your website to be sure it works.

Everything, down to the colors and images you choose on your website, should be created with your audience in mind. When your audience visits your site for the first time, they should feel as if they’ve found the destination that they wanted when they conducted the Google Search.

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