Living on Less and Liking It More


Living on Less and Liking It More by Maxine Hancock was originally published in 1976. The version on my shelf is the updated edition from 1994. In it, Maxine tells her own story of financial struggles and how she came to the realization that living simply can not only make life easier, it can make it sweeter as well.

Maxine’s brush with financial woe taught her that contentment can be learned. Modest living can be liberating. Freedom from the need to always have the best and the newest can channel one’s attention to the more important things in life.

Living on Less and Liking It More is filled with practical tips about how to save money on food, housing, and transportation. More than just a memoir or a practical guidebook, Maxine’s story also discusses the value of contentment as a lifestyle as opposed to the “tyranny of things.” This book has the potential to change lives with its message of simple living.

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