Make-a-Mix Cookery

When I was a new mom, I was thankful to have a very useful cookbook called Make-a-Mix Cookery. This gem contained recipes for such things as homemade pancake mix, muffin mixes, and seasoning mixes.

In addition to these practical mixes, the ladies behind Make-a-Mix Cookery provided recipes for frozen meat and vegetable mixes, cooked in bulk and packaged in family sized servings. Just add pasta or rice for a quick and hearty family meal. These books helped make meal planning a breeze!

Good time management, planning and cooking ahead can free you for more home teaching time, but don’t forget that all that food preparation is another great learning opportunity for your children. Mixing and measuring, cooking and baking are nothing more than tasty science experiments!

Every child needs to understand where food comes from. Getting the whole family involved in meal planning and preparation can be an adventure for everyone.

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