Partnering with eBook Blogs

Partnering with eBook Blogs

One of the many ways to market your eBook is to partner with eBook blogs. There are several to choose from such as and These blogs allow you to get your book in front of more readers, get reviews, conduct research, join groups, create groups, and expand your author presence while connecting with people who are interested in your work and more. Here’s how to maximize the use of these blogs to get yourself known as an author.

Create an Excellent Author Profile

Making your author profile stand out on eBook blogs is the first step to getting started with partnering with eBook blogs. Use a professional headshot. Even if you use a pen name, it’s important to have a professional headshot that fits the personality you want your pen name persona to have.

Claim Your Books

Some platforms let you claim your published book and in fact, you can’t really join as an author if you don’t have a published book already. Your book can be self-published or traditionally published so don’t be put off by this. If you’ve not published yet, you can get everything else situated first.

Conduct Audience Research

Using the platform to research your audience and poll how they feel about your work, or what type of work they’d like to see from you, is an excellent use of eBook blogs.

Join and Participate in Groups

Most of these types of blog have groups that you can participate in after joining them. The key is to be selective about which groups you join and ensure that you are an active participant in the groups.

Create Groups

Once you have established yourself on the eBook blog, try your hand at creating your own group if one isn’t already created that meets your needs. Otherwise participate and volunteer in groups that already exist.

Ask for and Collect Reviews by Others

Once you have established yourself as a regular presence, it’s okay to ask for others to review your work. Be sure to also return the favor and conduct some reviews of your own. In fact, start with reviewing other people’s work before asking.

Use the Tools Available

If the blog allows RSS feeds and other things like embedded video, use them. The more tools and features you use on any platform, the better and more active your account will look to others.

Form Strategic Alliances

In each group you are part of there will be “movers and shakers” and those who get attention. Try to get to know these people better, especially if they are popular group owners. Do not try to strong-arm your way in or think it’ll happen overnight, though. They are used to new authors trying to get free promotions so first offer your own services, then seek to get more promotion through strategic alliances with others.

Partnering with eBook blogs can be a great step in getting known as a true author regardless of whether you publish traditionally or self-publish. No author, self-published or not, who doesn’t have a following can sell enough books to make a living, and this is a good start toward that effort.

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