Prioritize Your Goals for Success

Prioritize Your Goals for Success

Success can be seen as a combination of happy circumstances and careful planning, with an emphasis on the planning. But what if the items you have on your plan are all wrong? How can you know if something is important or not? What’s urgent and what can be ignored?

If you don’t get these things right, you aren’t going to end up where you want to be. Not only that, but it also means that you have wasted your time with things that didn’t matter. That’s why you need to focus first on establishing your priorities. Then, use them as a guide to help map out your journey so you end up reaching your desired destination, whatever that might be for you.

Goal Setting is About Knowing Your Priorities

Start by writing out everything that you feel is important in your life. The items can have degrees of importance and you can put a number scale on each one to indicate which are more important than the others. After you have listed out your important items, use the number scale to rate the items. You can choose how you want the scale to be measured, but suppose it is 1 being the lowest priority to 5 being the highest.

checklistSort from highest to lowest. These are going to be the focal points of your goal setting. You can choose to try and include all the items on your list or you can decide to eliminate any that are below a certain number like all the items that have a priority of 1 or 2. That is up to you. But you do want to make the list as manageable and as meaningful as possible.

For each of the highest priority items, the next step is to figure out what it will take to achieve them. List your mini goals for each item. You can choose to prioritize these in much the same way, but at this stage of the process, it is not completely necessary.

The next step is to come up with more detailed action steps or tasks for your mini goals. You can go as far down as you want or you can stop at just one level. It all depends on the type of tasks you come up with. If it’s enough to be defined as a work unit, i.e., a task that you can easily perform, then you probably have gone far enough down. If the item can be broken down into further sub-tasks, then that is the next step.

By using this list-prioritization process, you have a much better chance of defining the specific tasks that are the right ones to meet the objectives of your goals. Reward yourself by checking off your accomplishments with a bright red marker.

Giving yourself a checklist of tasks and working through them will keep you focused on those things that will really make a difference toward accomplishing your goals. Having your list in hand will give you the confidence you need to stick to it and finally see the results you’re working for.

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