Pursuing the Dream

Home Free Media had its inspiration in the heady seventies when environmental concerns, as they are now, were very much in the forefront of everyone’s minds. While there was no talk then of global warming, we North Americans were increasingly alarmed about the harmful effects of pollution, the rising costs and looming shortage of fossil fuels, and the questions being raised about the sustainability of our consumer lifestyle.

It is refreshing to see these valid concerns making headlines once again. The issues never really went away. We just allowed ourselves to get distracted by everyday life.

But these are the concerns of everyday life. Sustainability needs to be addressed for everyone on the planet. Not only do we have our own concerns here in our own backyards, we are also more and more aware of the problems faced elsewhere as well. Clean water, a reliable food supply, and a sustainable lifestyle are worldwide necessities.

Self-sufficiency is a cooperative project.

Looking at how to become self-sufficient is important for everyone, but it is ironically true that one cannot become self-sufficient on one’s own. Self-sufficiency is a cooperative project. We need to share knowledge, wisdom, and resources with one another if individual self-sufficiency is ever going to happen.

Home Free Media is designed to facilitate community building in order to help families and individuals be truly free at home. In this space, we will explore what it takes to become independent, while at the same time cultivating the community that is key to the pursuit of the dream of self-sufficiency.

A Message from Norma...

In case you're curious, I started working online in 1997 - in the dinosaur days of the internet. My purpose here at HomeFreeMedia is to help YOU build the business of your dreams by developing and recommending top quality products and tools. This will also result in profit and affiliate commissions for me, so we both win!
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