Self-Employment: Living a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

When it comes to living a self-sufficient lifestyle, there are two complementary approaches. One is to increase the amount of income that is self-produced. The second is to reduce expenses so that less income is needed to achieve the required standard of living.

How you will make money is up to you. Please, just let it be legal! Hopefully it will also be something that will contribute positively to the life we all share on this planet.

Increase Your Income

There are a number of ways to earn money online these days. Some are better than others. All require a certain amount of time and effort. There are no get-rich quick schemes anywhere. If there were, I am sure we would all be rich by now!

The absolute best way to earn money from self-employment is by doing something you love. Writing, sewing, baking, carpentry, and freelance work are all tried and true home-employment ventures. These can be as big as your dreams or as small as your needs, depending on what you want to make them. This is the freedom of being your own boss.

Decrease Your Expenditures

On the other hand, there is much merit in simple living. Every time you purchase a new something, you have to house it, care for it, and give your time to it, whether this is profitable and enjoyable for you or not. One path to self-sufficiency asks us to question the need for all the new somethings we are so much in the habit of purchasing.

This is a valuable exercise for all of us. Decreasing the cost of everyday living can bring you that much closer to independence. See Living on Less and Liking it More for a great resource on living simply.

Stepping Toward Freedom

For most people, building a self-employment income takes time and patience. It can be done, though, and for those who make the effort, it is a worthwhile endeavour. Talk with your friends and family. Brainstorm about your strengths and weaknesses. Do some research into what might be a good fit for your personality, talents, and situation in life. It is possible to make a good living working for yourself, even from home!

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