SMS Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

SMS Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

SMS marketing is a great addition to your marketing mix. But if you really want to be good at it, like many other marketing methods it’s important to find tools that help automate the process. The more you can automate, the more you can focus on true customer engagement and experience. That might sound counter-intuitive but the fact is, many messages should be automated while some shouldn’t. These tools will help make your life easier.

Find tools that increase engagement rather than decrease it and you’ll have winning solutions that get real results.

You want tools that offer features such as:

Autoresponders – These enable your customer to respond to you via SMS and answer all your calls to action immediately and automatically.

Polls – If you can send out a poll to your customers and they can answer, it’s a great way to collect data and engage.

Surveys – Want to learn more about your audience? Using a tool that allows you to ask questions and send surveys is super helpful.

Coupons – Sending coupons through SMS is a great way to get even more response. People love getting deals in their phone to use right away.

Metric Reporting – Any service you use needs to have the ability for you to know what messages are working, how many new subscribers you’re getting, from where, and the rate of engagement.

Betwext BroadcastBetwext offers many different tools that you can use to send messages to customers. You only pay for messages sent, not for subscribers, and you can also use unlimited keywords.

Tatango – If you are interested in a service that will help you get sign-ups, manage campaigns and more, Tatango offers agency services and all the features you’d expect for SMS marketing for a monthly fee that includes 10,000 messages.

MOBITMOBIT integrates with software like, allowing you to work with your current system. They have many features that will work for all kinds of business who want to get into SMS marketing for reasonable monthly fees.

SMSCaster – Use SMSCaster to send and receive SMS messages via your computer desktop and run your own SMS marketing campaign. It’s imperative if you use software like this that you fully understand the laws of SMS and the fact you’ll be sending messages from your computer using your mobile number.

HipLinkHiplink offers software solutions that you can use in your SMS marketing including broadcasts, marketing escalation and more, including reports.

As you choose your software you need to know what your goals, strategy and tactics are so you know what features you need most. You also need to understand what your SMS marketing budget is before you get started.


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SMS Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

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