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Pinterest Group Boards And How They Can Help You Drive Traffic

One cool feature of Pinterest is Group Boards. Group boards are a wonderful way to drive traffic, engage with your community, and promote your brand.

With group boards, you can reach more people who are subscribed to them, and give your pin a leg up by moving it up in the Pinterest algorithm so that more eyes get on your pins.

A group board on Pinterest that you or someone else creates about one topic that many people can share pins too. To join a group board, you’ll need to be invited to contribute.

You can ask to be invited by reading the creator’s requirements and description then follow the instructions to join the group board.

Contribute to Group Boards

When getting started building your audience on Pinterest outside of creating your own boards and adding pins you can also contribute to group boards.

To find group boards you can conduct a search for group boards surrounding your topic or niche using the search feature to find niche influencers and looking to see what group boards they contribute to.

Create a Group Board

inspirational graphics success failureIn addition, you can also create your own group board. This is an excellent way to drive traffic and look like the expert since you’re the board creator.

Then, reach out to people you know who love the topic inviting them to contribute to the group board. The more people you can email or message to contribute the better.

Utilize Group Boards to Drive Traffic

Find out what’s trending and most popular within your niche, then create blog posts and pins to match. Set up your pin right by making it clickable so that it goes back to the original place (your website) where the image and information resides.

But, and this is super important, you want to also add content from others to your board so that you don’t appear to be overly self-promoting.

Promote Your Group Boards

Tell everyone about your group boards so that you’ll get more participation. If no one knows about the group board then no one is going to contribute.

Create excellent directions so that people know how to contribute to the board and contact you if needed to get approval to add to your board.

Remember the way Pinterest is set up if you don’t include this information in the board description, no one will know whose board it is, so they won’t know who to ask.

Use Top Notch Images

Don’t cheap out on the images you use for Pinterest. Users expect high-quality professional images on Pinterest. If you’re not a graphic designer, you can try using software like to help you but consider hiring a professional if those don’t look good enough to you.

To get the most traffic engage with the group board contributors by sharing and pinning their content. Follow important influencers within your niche, make all your pins clickable, and pay attention to Pinterest analytics so that you can improve your pins and make them more relevant to your audience.

When a topic is popular, keep adding more information from that topic. Find more popular topics with Pinterest Trends.

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