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SMT Day 22

Why You Should Be Posting Multiple Times

When it comes to using social media to build traffic to your website, products, and services, posting just once isn’t going to be enough. Instead, you need to post multiple times from different angles using different pictures. That’s one reason using social media management tools is helpful because otherwise, it could be a full-time job.

More Engagement

When you share updates more than once on each social media platform you’ll increase engagement exponentially because when it comes to social media most people just look at what passes their feed if they’re looking at it and never check past posts. When you share more often you’re more likely to show up in more of your followers’ feeds.

Increased Awareness

Even if people don’t click through your share, they’ll see it in their feed. This causes their brain to develop a memory of you and what you do.

Even when the audience doesn’t click, their brain remembers seeing the information that you’ve presented which will make them much more likely to click through the more times they see the update.

More Shares

goals inspirational graphicsEach time you share an update, someone new will see it that didn’t see it before. This gives them an opportunity to share your update.

Because remember, most people don’t look back at their feeds to share things from this morning if they did not see it at the time they were looking at social media.

More Likes

Each time you share an update you’re also going to get more likes. Again, because someone new will see it each time it’s shared.

But what also happens is that the more some people see a message in their feed the more likely they are to finally read it and click like.

More Traffic

Finally, you’re going to get a lot more traffic when you share each update more often. But, the key here is to ensure that you update the blurb each time you share an update.

Change out the picture, change the blurb, that way each time you share the same link different people will take notice sending you that much more traffic.

More Creative

Every time you share a social media update you want it to look slightly different. You can do that by changing up the intro to the link.

For example, pull out different quotes, create memes with the quotes, and then add the different quote to each share of that same link. It looks a lot more creative than just blindly sharing only a link without an image or a quote.

Sharing social media updates often might seem like a huge chore. But, if you use social media management software such as, or others you can schedule it all in advance and let the software do it’s work while you focus on engagement with commenters and those who share.

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