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SMT Day 24

Keep Track Of Your Stats And Tweak As Needed

You know what they say, right? Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a nose too. When it comes to your business and trying to get more traffic using social media marketing it’s important not to simply rely on experts.

The reason is, what works for one person may not work at all for the next. That’s why you want to always test, track, and analyze how well a tactic works so you can see for yourself the true results of any effort.

All Audiences Are Different

You can read all the expert advice that you want to read but the fact remains that every audience is different. Even an audience that seems identical in terms of demographics, pain points and needs can differ.

For example, think about how a life coach might use language. One life coach uses F-Bombs with her audience, and one doesn’t. They both teach the same things to their audiences, in fact, their programs were purchased from the same PLR provider, but each would either be bored or offended by the other coach. Their audiences are also different even though they might have the same goals and want the same thing.

That’s why you cannot assume that the latest and greatest tactic will work with your audience until you use it, test it, track it, and evaluate how it really worked.

Each Social Media Platform is Different

Another thing to consider is the fact that each social media marketing platform has a different personality and the users act different on each platform.

For example, on Twitter a lot of subsequent sharing is acceptable, but on LinkedIn people might not like it as much especially if it happens to be promotional in nature.

When you learn something new it’s always okay to give it a try. But first evaluate how your audience may react by giving it some thought, and then testing it out.

For example, let’s say you want to try a Facebook Live event with your audience to try to get them to sign up for your freebie. This will give you traffic, build your mailing list, and hopefully boost revenues.

But, when you try it, it doesn’t do anything. The entire hour you spent was a total waste. Now you need to evaluate why it was a waste and what you can do differently if anything in the future.

Perhaps during evaluation, you learned that your audience is mostly at work and cannot watch Facebook Live events at 2 in the afternoon. So, you wait to see if the recording gets results and try to do a live event at a different time to see if it gets results.

It’s up to you to know your audience, your industry, and your products well enough to realize what makes them distinctive. If you’re sure they won’t be offended, test it out, if it doesn’t work move on to a new idea.

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