Steps to Create Your Business Mission and Vision

Steps to Create Your Business Mission and Vision

There are different reasons to create a business or mission statement for your business. Sometimes you are creating it to motivate your business partners, yourself, and stakeholders. Other times you create a business mission and vision to help you understand how to better market to and provide value to your audience. You can actually create a business mission and vision that aligns all your functions, hopes, and dreams into one.

Answer Questions to Create Your Business Mission

To create your business mission, answer the following questions:

  • Why do I exist?
  • What do I do?
  • How do I do it?
  • Who do I do it for?
  • What value do I add?
  • What promises do I make?
  • Who has a stake in what I do?
  • What makes my product or service different?
  • What is my main priority?
  • How am I to provide it?

Write Down Your Dream of Your Business

Using the information gathered from the answers to the above questions, write a short statement in 25 words or less that encompasses the end results and how you see your business in five or ten years. This part of the business mission is the vision that you want the world to see.

Put It All Together

Putting your business mission and your business vision together should give you a good idea of where you’ve been and where you’re going. Now, write everything out in about 50 words or less, putting it all together.

Ask Others for Their Opinions on Your Draft

Send your draft to associates, friends, family and others who might be able to give you some good feedback about your business mission and vision. Be open to hearing the feedback so that you can narrow down your business and mission statement to a succinct statement that you can put on paper and frame to put on your wall to motivate you as you work on your business each day.

Perfect It with the Feedback

As you get feedback you can change the word usage, add to it, take away from it and make it clearer as you go along. Remember the point is to make it short, meaningful and succinct. Answer the most pressing questions of what, who, when, where, why and how and don’t forget to make a promise.

Add It to Your Website, Marketing Materials, and Elsewhere

A good business mission and vision is something you are proud to show the world. Put it on your marketing materials. You can write shorter and more succinct versions down to slogan-like statements to help your market recognize what you do at a glance.

Having a mission and vision for your business is as important as having a business plan, and in fact you can use the mission and vision to help create your business plan, marketing efforts and so much more. The process of creating it will answer so many questions and help you relate better to your audience and your business.

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