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    Building a Raised Bed Garden

    Raised bed gardening is a way of growing plants inside beds that are raised up above the normal level of the soil in the garden. They’re typically housed inside a wooden frame, generally rectangular. The soil may be mixed in with tilled soil underneath, or…

  • what to do with giant zucchini

    What to Do With Giant Zucchini

    Anyone in my part of the world who has grown zucchini knows how prolific they are. They grow faster than you can give them away! My super-gardener friend Sue had only one zucchini plant in her garden this year and still managed to feed her…

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    Love My Reel Lawn Mower

    I just got in from cutting the grass with my reel lawn mower.  In case you aren’t familiar with these marvelous machines, a reel lawn mower is people-powered and has a different type of cutting blade than the typical helicopter-style blade of a more common…

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    The Wily Mom’s Secret Reason for Gardening

    There are two significant men in my life who don’t eat their vegetables. These are not my children. These are independent adults who, presumably, could choose to eat nothing but ice cream if they wanted. They both make their own dietary choices every day. Unfortunately…

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    Growing Garlic in your Garden

    Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens has a new post about growing garlic in your garden. Tasty and good for you, garlic is also surprisingly easy to grow. The only twist is that you need to plant seed garlic in the fall. That means if you are thinking…

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    How to Freeze Beans from the Garden

    I was blessed this summer to receive two bags of fresh green and yellow beans from my friend Sue’s garden. Fresh beans are easy to preserve in the freezer. That delicious, delicate flavour can be enjoyed year-round with a minimal amount of preparation. Here are…