The Differences between Responsive and Non-Responsive Designs 

The Differences between Responsive and Non-Responsive Designs 

Responsive web design has become a serious buzz word and even a call to action all on its own. More and more business owners are realizing the importance of having a website that has been created with responsive design.

It’s not enough to have adaptive design with the ability to view a site on any device, it also needs to respond to the device and render an appropriate and usable depiction of your website that your customers can truly use.

Responsive design enables coders to focus on just one page of code that they essentially code once, and then it will work on any device. No need to go back in and insert more coding and fiddle with things to make it work on the next up and coming device or browser. The mobile user sees the same content, rendered in a usable format, on any device. In contrast, if non-responsive design is used, the user might see what looks like a replica of the site on the mobile device but it’s neither readable nor usable.

Responsive Designs Look Great and Work Great on Any Device

Maybe you took a look at your site on your mobile device and felt okay that it shows up, but you did not realize that just because you can see and use your site on a mobile device doesn’t mean it’s responsive.

A truly responsive website will not only show up on a mobile device or monitor of any size – it will change the layout to be the best one for the size of each screen. It will render a site that is not only beautiful, but that works and highlights the most important features of your website.

Responsive Design Is a Long-Term Solution to the Proliferation of Mobile Devices

Web designers used to think it was acceptable to build a separate mobile website along with a basic website for viewing on a PC. Those days are gone. The problem is, just because something is made to view on a mobile device doesn’t mean it can be viewed on any and all mobile devices.

With responsive design, which device a user is viewing the website on becomes irrelevant to them. All they know is that the site works, no matter what. The way responsive design works, it will be true no matter what kind of mobile devices come out in the future.

Responsive Designs Can Be Made Simply with Premium WordPress Themes

It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to create a website that is responsively designed today. Today, you can use WordPress to create one website that works across all devices quickly and easily, just by using the right theme. You will have control over the colors, images, content and more with your responsive theme, and you can rest assured that the website will work for your customers.

Some may say that a responsive theme looks boring, and they all look the same, but the fact is, right now it’s your best option for creating websites that work across all devices for your customers. This is especially true if you have a small budget. Even a premium theme, with some expert help customizing it, isn’t as expensive as from-scratch designs that aren’t responsive.

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