The Effect Your Opinion Has on How Your Products and Services Are Perceived

When you create a new product or services, do you do it by committee or do you simply create it without any input from others such as your colleagues, contractors, and current followers and customers? It can be fun to be in creation mode. You’re making what you think will be a product or service that will revolutionize your industry and bring a lot of value to your clients. However, there is a danger of being so far into your own bubble that you can’t see outside your own opinion.

Get Out of Your Bubble

Everyone has their own opinion about what is a good product, what looks good, and what works for a particular niche. You have your own likes and dislikes. Perhaps you love the color pink. You could assume everyone else will enjoy your choice of color, and choose the color just because you like it. However, due to your own opinion about the color choice, you could be missing out on a wider audience. It’s important to get out of your own bubble so you can see clearly what your audience’s desires are.

Your Audience Matters Most

If you are failing to conduct market research to determine what colors your audience prefers, you could be alienating most of them without realizing it. You’ve allowed your own opinion to cloud the importance of your message to your audience. If you want your audience to perceive your products and services as irreplaceable necessities, then you’ll need to let go of your own perceptions and opinions and allow them to share theirs with you. The truth is that for the most part, your opinions don’t matter. Your audience’s does.

Emotions Affect Purchasing Choices

It’s imperative to remember that the emotions a person feels when coming across your products and/or services affects what they buy. If you’ve created products and services based only on your own opinion of what is needed by your audience, you may be in for a disappointment. They may not agree with your opinion and presentation of the products and choose to click away from your sales page due to it.

Judgments Are Made Quickly

You know that the minute you go on a sales page, you are going to buy or not buy. It really isn’t usually a choice you’ve consciously made. Something the writer said made you believe that you needed the product or service right now, so you purchase. 99 percent of the time, if you click away you will never come back.

As long as you remember how quickly judgments are made, and take other people’s opinions into consideration, you can improve upon your ideas to reflect what our audience’s desires and needs are.

Every opinion you have affects your products and the perception of your audience on your products and services, because they also have their own views about things. By allowing yourself to take into account the opinions of others while creating products and services, you can open up whole new possibilities.

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