The Importance of Microtargeting Your Audience

The Importance of Microtargeting Your Audience

Almost everyone reading this has experienced microtargeting in the form of paid political “robo” calls, personal phone calls, and emails from political campaigns. This is simply taking the idea of the customer of one to new heights. While you may be bothered by the political phone calls, the truth is microtargeting works. If it did not work they would not spend billions on doing it. As a small business you can also take advantage of microtargeting, and you should.

No, you don’t need to make irritating calls at dinnertime, but you can use microtargeting in several ways as part of your overall online marketing campaigns. Probably one of the best known ways that you can engage in microtargeting is via Facebook Ads and Retargeting Ads. These types of ads are directed to you due to activity that you took, or due to the advertiser singling you out using your demographics.

Small Businesses Can Use Microtargeting Too

Your business can take advantage of microtargeting using your email marketing software too, if you send out a poll to your audience to collect more information. You can also look at their behavior to make some assumptions about future behavior. All microtargeting really is, is using the consumer’s behavior to predict future behavior, or their demographics to single them out for specific specials and sales.

Using the consumer data that you can gather to identify and influence smaller groups of people toward purchasing your products and using your services isn’t really anything new. What is new is the technology that makes this one of the most powerful forms of marketing the world has ever known. Microtargeting can improve your sales dramatically, so it’s something you might want to investigate further.

Give away a white paper – You can collect more data on your customers by giving away something of value, in exchange for them answering a very short, no more than five question survey that will give more insight into their needs, behaviors, or even buying responsibility.

Personalization – This is a way that you are already microtargeting, if you’re using your email mailing software properly. You know your customer’s name, and you use it. You can use the same software to personalize even more if you send out surveys to get more information from your current readers and clients. If you act in small doses, they are more likely to give you the information you need.

Facebook Ads – You can use Facebook and their vast amount of information on their members to microtarget specific demographics. Try doing it for a campaign and see whether or not it works well for your needs. For example, if you want to teach mothers how to earn money from home, you’ll send your ad out only to mothers who stay at home, or perhaps even mothers who work outside the home.

LinkedIn – If you have your own group on LinkedIn, you can engage in microtargeting by creating an ad campaign that targets only members of the group. This is a great way to market a new product or service just to your group of connections. (By the way, you can also do this on Facebook.)

Remember, if it’s good enough for political campaigns, and by the way, Visa (who also microtargets consumers), then it’s good enough for you. Imagine bringing back visitors who came to your site with an appropriate Facebook Ad, or sending ads only to a select group of people who are likely to respond positively, without wasting money on people who won’t.

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