Tips for Finding or Connecting with Your Niche 

Pinterest is pretty much just like every other social network when it comes to being able to search the network for people to connect to. Only, it’s easier. Simply go to and use the search bar to search any keywords or keyword phrases about people, places or things that you already know are part of your niche.

Conduct a Search

For instance, if want to connect with virtual assistants, just do a search for virtual assistant, choosing “all pins”. You’ll get a lot of results for that search. You can see amazing pins that other VAs have put up such as pictorial resumes, work samples, quotes and more. Choose some that are relevant and re-pin them, follow them, and even send them to others who may be interested.

See Who’s Following the Competition

Like a particular person or business on Pinterest, follow it, then look at who is following them. You can easily follow all the people who are following your competition too. Don’t follow hundreds per day, but do pick out a few standouts and follow them each day. More than likely some of these people will follow you back and now will get updates from your pins.

Use Keywords and Keyword Phrases

You want people to be able to find you when they do a search too. Therefore, be sure that you use keywords in your profile, and use the space provided to give as much information as possible about you and your business. When creating boards, use keywords in the descriptors and titles. These keywords will help your audience find you because you are showing that you know your niche by using the right words.

Share Motivational Images

Pinterest is a great story-telling mechanism. A great way to connect with your niche is to share motivational quotes and images with others in that niche. For instance, if you sell Tupperware, you could do a before and after image of organizing your own kitchen cabinets using Tupperware. Add a nice quote about the benefits of organization and you’ve got a winning combination that may motivate your customers to buy what you’ve just shared.

Share Your Accomplishments

Receive a certificate, diploma, or award? Share a picture of it on Pinterest with your followers. People like feeling as if they’re connected to you and even part of your success. By sharing it on Pinterest you become even more human. People like doing business with people they know, like and trust, and by sharing publically your accomplishments you become even more trustworthy in the eyes of your followers.

Brand Your Pins

It’s important to realize that anyone can take your images from Pinterest and you can lose the link back to your website. Therefore, brand all your pins with your logo and URL. That way, if it’s removed from its context people can still find you and connect with you no matter how it gets shared.

By making yourself an integral part of the Pinterest community surrounding your niche, you will easily find ways to connect with and engage with your niche.

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