tips for squashing the entitlement attitude in your children

Tips for Squashing the Entitlement Attitude in Your Children

It would be difficult to find a parent who doesn’t want their child to feel secure and know that their parents would give the world for them. Security helps our children become the best they can be, and lets them know they are valued and loved.

But what happens when our children start to assume that we will let them have whatever they want at all times? This is what entitlement is, and it is not a quality that will help our children succeed in life. So when this attitude begins to show itself, how do we squash it before it completely takes over our child?

Tone Down the Giving

Of course we want to provide for our children and give them the best, but if we are saying yes to our child’s every single whim, we are not teaching them responsibility or gratefulness. Maybe it’s time to say no sometimes, and let our children know that there is a time to spend and a time to save.

Treat Everyone Equally

Entitlement is an attitude that can leak into other areas besides money and spending. Entitlement can lead to a child insisting that they deserve preferential treatment above others, or special privileges that no one else is allowed. If you have been guilty of treating your child as though they are above others, it is time for a change.

Let your child know you love and cherish them in other ways. Be fair to everyone and don’t destroy your child by letting them run the show or always be put ahead of everyone else. Do your best to treat everyone equally and your child will learn that is how life is.

Watch Your Conversation

When you speak with your child, or with others in the earshot of your child, he or she is learning from your every word. If you have developed the habit of putting others down and talking as though others are less important than you, stop now. Be very careful how you speak about others because feelings of superiority can lead your children to think they deserve better things than everyone else you have talked negatively about.

Educate Your Children

In a society that generally has too much of everything, our children can begin to feel entitled. Educate your children about how others live around the world and in your own area. Let this be a time of growth and new awareness of the struggles of others, and all your children have to be grateful for.

Actively look for ways to give to others with your children alongside you. This can be one of the best ways to squash the attitude of entitlement and to grow a heart of compassion in your child. Keep your eyes open for these educational moments, as they are all around us.

Feeling entitled is something we want to encourage our children to avoid. It’s an attitude that can make it difficult for them to make friends. It can also wreak havoc on their emotions as they grow and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Give your child a head start and squash entitlement before it grows into something worse. It will help our children become both compassionate and content.

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