Tools – Work with What You Have Now

“I’d get so much more done if I had an iPad.”

“If only I had the new tablet. I know I’d be so much more productive.”

Have you caught yourself saying things like this? Those of us who live in affluent North America have been conditioned by advertising to believe that we are useless without the latest and greatest and most expensive gizmos.

But how much do such things really add to our productivity? It is certainly worth thinking about. An affinity for the latest gadgets will only hold you back, if your goal is to get ahead financially.

Here is an interesting case in point.

When the U.S was in the middle of the space race, the challenge arose to find a writing implement that could function in zero gravity.

Normal pens rely on gravity as the ink flows down and connects with the paper below. If you have ever tried to write upside down with an ordinary ball-point pen, you probably have experienced the frustration of having the flow of ink stop.

After spending two years and a million dollars, NASA reportedly developed a pen that could work in zero gravity and at temperatures ranging from below freezing to 300 degrees Celsius.

Russian engineers, when faced with the same problem, decided to use a pencil.

Sometimes a lower tech solution can get the job done just as easily.

Work with the tools you have now.

Don’t wait until you have all the tools and toys you think you might need. Start working with what you have now.

Don’t have a backyard garden? Grow some herbs on a windowsill. Grow some tomatoes in a container. Grow some sprouts in a jar. You really can have fresh-grown food just about anywhere.

Want to homeschool but don’t have the budget for expensive curriculum packages? See what can be had for the price of a library card, usually free, at your local public library.

Don’t have a laptop to write on during your lunch break? Take a tip from the cosmonauts. Use a pencil and paper. They are portable, and need neither wifi nor an electrical outlet to get the job done.

Work with the tools you have now, and see how much you really can accomplish!

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