Urban Homesteading

Urban homesteading is built around the idea of becoming more self-sufficient in whatever way you can. Here are some of the ideas that can be included in the concept of urban homesteading:

Raising Animals for Meat

Raising animals allows you to produce your own food, support the environment and more. Animal rearing can range from something as small as raising a couple of backyard chickens or rabbits to something as large as raising livestock. Obviously, the bigger the animal, the more room you will need. But even in a small city yard, there is usually enough room for a few chickens.


Like raising animals, gardening allows you to produce your own food while being friendly to the environment. The scope of gardening can range from growing a few select herbs and vegetables indoors to growing all the vegetables you need on an outdoor plot of land. You can grow food anywhere there is sunlight, but even sunlight can be replicated with the right light source.

Natural Homecare

By producing your own natural homecare products, you not only eliminate the need to buy them but you also avoid the harmful chemicals that they contain. The best part is that most natural cleaners can be easily produced using a simple combination of essential oils. Of course, you can save a lot of money by making your own.

Natural Energy Production

With the recent advances in solar and wind power along with the availability of coal and wood, producing your own energy is now a very real possibility. Natural energy production can range from heating your home with firewood or naturally heating your water using solar power to supplying all your electricity through a combination of hydropower, solar power and wind turbines.

Urban homesteading is built around the idea of becoming more self-sufficient in whatever way you can.

What can you do to bring your family closer to a self-sufficient lifestyle? Make a list. There might be more than you think!

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