what to do with giant zucchini

What to Do With Giant Zucchini

Anyone in my part of the world who has grown zucchini knows how prolific they are. They grow faster than you can give them away! My super-gardener friend Sue had only one zucchini plant in her garden this year and still managed to feed her family plus her friends and neighbors throughout the summer.

Thankfully, zucchini is an incredibly versatile vegetable. A mild-flavored member of the squash family, zucchini can be used raw in salads or sandwiches, added to stir-fries, made into tasty relish, or baked into a sweet, delicious bread. Knowledgeable gardeners soon come to appreciate zucchini for its many uses. Even better, plants keep producing throughout the summer, yielding a steady harvest.

Those who grow zucchini in my neck of the woods also soon figure out that these veggies need to be harvested early, or they will grow to the size of Smart cars. But even this isn’t all bad as a recent news item showed. Here’s what to do with giant zucchini.


It seems that a Montana woman found a bear attacking her dog on her back porch one night. When she attempted to save her dog, the bear bit her on the leg. To defend herself, she flung an over-sized zucchini from her porch at the bear, striking it and scaring it away. Thankfully, the woman was not badly injured and did not require medical attention. The article did not report on the status of the dog. The condition of the bear is also unknown.

I hope that nobody else will ever need to defend himself or herself with a giant zucchini. The ability to do so, however, is only available to those who grow their own. They just don’t sell those club-like, lethal-weapon zukes at the grocery store! Another reason to plant a garden.

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