Who Uses Pinterest?

According to Pinterest demographic data, almost 70 percent of their users are women between the ages of 25 and 34, and about half of them have children. Pinterest users spend about 15 minutes using the service every single day. Pinterest users share a variety of “pins” and create pin boards or collections to share with others. The pins that get the most shares are visually pleasing and often shopping related.

How Do They Use Pinterest?

Men and women use Pinterest for the same reasons – to get ideas, to make wish lists or “vision boards”, and to keep track of resources they might want to look at later. But, women tend to wish more than men, who actually tend to buy more due to a pin. In other words, men generally pin things they will buy, while women pin things they want to buy or wish they could buy.

Why Do People Use Pinterest?

* Bookmarking – People use Pinterest to keep track of items they plan to buy, or things they want to read or try later such as recipes or do it yourself projects.

* Inspiration – Looking at other people’s pins is a fun way to become inspired about something you want to do such as redecorate your home, cook a new recipe, or even get organized.

* Self-promotion – Many people use Pinterest to promote their business (and any business which has visual content should). On Pinterest it doesn’t matter if you’re a big business or a small business; you can use it for promotion.

* Social interaction – People love being social, especially online. Even introverts are social online. Part of the fun of pinning and re-pinning and commenting is that it’s a social activity that you are doing with others.

Why Should I Use Pinterest?

* Conversions – Compared to other social networks, Pinterest converts better. It’s something about seeing a product or solution visually that makes people want to try it. If you can convert some of your content to visual content in the form of infographics you’ll have more conversions.

* Traffic – Due to the highly visual nature of Pinterest, people are more likely to click through to see what’s behind the picture. The more traffic you get, the more conversions.

* Backlinks – You still need links to your site. Google Search still values links pointing to your website in its ranking algorithm. By creating valuable pins that link back to your site and having others share the pins, you’re creating good backlinks.

* Engagement – Users on Pinterest love to comment on pins as much as they love to share them. User engagement is fun and easy on Pinterest.

* Research – Pinterest is a fabulous research tool. You can find out what your audience is into by looking at the kinds of things they pin. You are likely to find many different solutions you can offer your audience using it as a research tool.

* It’s easy – Pinterest is really simple to understand and use. Plus it enables you to be more creative with images, infographics and content by helping you think of everything in a new way.

Go to Pinterest and find out if your audience is using it and set up a Pinterest for Business account. It’s free.

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