Why Create a Digital Magazine?

Before you create a digital magazine it’s important to understand why you are creating it. A digital magazine is good for some businesses but not for everyone. There are a few reasons to create a magazine and you’ll need to choose which reason – or maybe you’ll have more than one reason.

1. To Increase Ad Revenue – Magazines are a great way to get more advertising revenue. Brands love putting ads in beautiful digital magazines because their advertisements can be interactive and more than just visual. They can also track their results easily due to the nature of how a digital magazine works.

2. To Increase Brand Awareness – You can offer a free magazine to your audience, ask them to share it with people they know, then market it online in a variety of ways such as offering it as a free gift to your audience for signing up for your email list. This kills two birds with one stone. You can market to them via the magazine and via the list.

3. To Create a New Income Stream – Earning money via subscription is a good new income stream. Even if your distribution is low, say about 1000 people, if you charge just 99 cents for the magazine subscription you’ll increase your revenue by almost $1000 a month with one publication. For small business this is a great additional income stream.

These three points are excellent reasons to go through the trouble of creating a new digital magazine. Your reasons might even be a combination of all of the above because you can charge a subscription, make ad revenue and expand brand awareness all at the same time through creating a new digital magazine.

As well as this, there are other reasons to create a magazine for your audience:

* People Love Magazines – They are visually beautiful, and with digital magazines come the potential to become interactive and even more visually beautiful.

* Most People Read Magazines – According to MRIGlobal’s report, more than 80 percent of people read magazines regularly.

Link to MRIGlobal – http://www.mriglobal.org/

* High Profit Margins – Even though it’s a lot of work putting together a beautiful magazine and it may take a team of experts to help you, the profit potential is very high.

* You Have Information to Disseminate – If you have enough content to distribute and information to distribute in a new way, you may want to send it to your subscribers in magazine form.

Even though it’s a lot of work, producing a magazine is also a lot of fun. You can put content together in a beautiful way that you audience thoroughly enjoys and make it available to new potential members of your audience via the Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store and for download through a link you can send via email to subscribers.

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