Why HomeFree?

HomeFree means: having successfully achieved or being within sight of achieving one's objective.
Your objective might be working at home. Or gardening to feed your family. Or homeschooling your children. Or not being at the mercy of someone else's priorities and someone else's idea of how you should live.
HomeFreeMedia is designed to help get you to your own "HomeFree" place, by providing you with the tools to create your own income, provide for your needs, and be free to make your own choices.

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How to Get Out of Your Own Way 

Believe it or not, if you’re having trouble finding the success that you desire it probably comes from self-sabotage. There are many reasons why people sabotage themselves and prevent themselves from experiencing success...

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Writing Great Product Titles and Descriptions

Outside the photos you take of your products, the next most important aspect of displaying your products effectively on your blog or in your Etsy store is to craft compelling product descriptions. Without the right product...

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Top Eight Business Software and Tools for 2014

There are four areas of business that everyone needs to keep track of. They are accounting, human resources, marketing, and sales and customer service. Keeping on top of these four areas can take a lot of work. But, with the...

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How to Turn Customers into Repeat Buyers

It costs a lot less to keep a customer than to work on acquiring a new one. You can reduce costs and increase revenues substantially by turning the customers you already have into repeat buyers, turning your product cycle into a...

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How to Take Inventory of Your Existing Links

It’s important to occasionally not only check up on who is linking to your site, but also what links you have linking out on your own site. Linking inventory isn’t hard to do today thanks to technology. Finding Out...

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