Why HomeFree?

HomeFree means: having successfully achieved or being within sight of achieving one's objective.
Your objective might be working at home. Or gardening to feed your family. Or homeschooling your children. Or not being at the mercy of someone else's priorities and someone else's idea of how you should live.
HomeFreeMedia is designed to help get you to your own "HomeFree" place, by providing you with the tools to create your own income, provide for your needs, and be free to make your own choices.

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How to Find Hidden Hacking on Your Website 

Website security is an imperative today due to the numerous ways that hackers will use to find their way into your website to cause problems, steal your content, and even affiliate income right out from under you. Even large...

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What to Do If You’ve Been Hacked 

Unfortunately, it’s probably just a matter of time before your website is compromised in some way. The important thing to do is to try to implement all the security you can, and be prepared and know what to do in advance...

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Should You Charge for Your Webinar?

One of the things you have to consider when you want to get into hosting webinars is whether or not to charge for your events. It’s not as simple as saying yes, or no, for everyone. Before you can decide whether to charge or not...

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Why It’s Important to Study Your Competition

With hundreds of thousands of websites, companies, and blogs, competition today is fierce – especially on the internet. The internet and most especially social media are responsible for creating waves of interest. With...

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Simple Ways to Create More Fresh Content

Having unique, interesting, compelling and fresh content on your website is important. The more useful the content the better, and the more often you can provide it the better. But, there are times you just get stuck for fresh...

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What Is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Put simply, multi-channel marketing is getting the message out about your products and services through many different methods. The goal of multi-channel marketing is to get the information into the hands of as many of your...

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