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With Instagram, It’s About The Hashtags

Instagram is a visual social media platform that has taken the #hashtag to a new level after Twitter’s users started using hashtags to help index topics and identify topics of interest to different audiences.

For example, if you create a special hashtag for a live event and ask participants to add this hashtag to posts about the event it makes it super easy to find all the posts about the event for those who remembered the hashtag.

Instagram has taken the use of hashtags to a whole new level. Whereas you’re more than likely going to use one or two hashtags for other social media, on Instagram, it’s acceptable and preferable to use more. Typically, people put from 5 to 10 hashtags on each Instagram post.

Inspirational GraphicsA #hashtag is just a label. It’s created without spaces with the pound sign (or hash sign) # in front of the tag. The hash symbolizes that the word behind it is a search term, label, or tag. Anyone can create a hashtag to use with their social media messages.

You don’t need to register hashtags or put them in any type of directory. However, it’s important to come up with an original hashtag unless you’re purposely using a hashtag someone told you to use. To find out try using the hashtag in a search to see if anyone else is using it.

Your hashtags should be obvious and easy to understand. Using multiple hashtags in an Instagram post is a great way to ensure that your post is seen by people searching for a topic.

Let’s say you posted a picture of your latest healthy meal you created from your healthy meal cookbook for sale on Amazon. You’d want to create a few hashtags such as #healthymeal #nameofyourcookbook, #easyrecipes, #superfoods, #homecooking, and if you’re a brand of your own add your hashtag to brand your post.

Using the right combination of hashtags can grow your Instagram account because people may be looking for those terms. Hashtags increase likes, engagement, and promotion of your Instagram account.

Every Instagram post you make you will want to create a short message caption with hashtags because they help organize and categorize the post.

There are different types of hashtags you can use.

Branded – Creating a unique hashtag that you use to designate the post is from your brand.

Community – Different likeminded communities have their own hashtags to designate and make it easy for others to participate in the conversation. Such as #nonprofit, #volunteer, and perhaps a branded one like #redcross.

General – Hashtags you create to attract certain groups. For example, if you posted a great whole 30 recipe you could add the hashtag #whole30 to draw attention to it.

Using hashtags is important on Instagram because it’s the way in which those who use the platform engage. If you want to ensure that your hashtags are working well for you create a spreadsheet so that you can keep track better so that you know for sure whether your efforts are driving traffic or not.

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